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Story People of Clallam County


"Tales from the Hedgerows"

April 12th, 7:00pm

Please join us as storyteller William Kennedy Hornyak brings the spirit of a late-night Irish hedgerow gathering  to life with stories, songs, poems and toasts in honor of those who educated and inspired the minds and hearts of the people during the brutally repressive era of the Penal Codes (1695-1771).

During that time the teaching of Irish language, history, music, tradition and worship were outlawed by the British Crown.  Barred from political office, reduced to tenants on their own soil, denied access to education and economic opportunities, the Irish culture was rendered threadbare.  During those times men and women known as hedgerow teachers traipsed dark and lonely trails, braved fines and imprisonment to keep the flame of learning alive in the shelter of hedgerows, barns and botheys. 

For mature audiences 14 and older.

General Admission Seating.

About the Storyteller

From Irish myths and Russian fairytales to Mexican fables, Oregon tall tales and beyond, storyteller William Kennedy Hornyak weaves a wide web of oral traditions into thoughtful, engaging and beautifully crafted performances. For further Information:

"Storyteller par excellence...endless wit, boundless enthusiasm...Will Hornyak transports audiences young and old into an amazing world of imagination."  The Oregonian

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