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The Book of Will

June 11-26

Fri - Sat 7:30pm & Sun 2:00pm

Without Henry Condell and John Heminges, we would have lost half of Shakespeare’s plays forever! After the death of their friend and mentor, the two actors are determined to compile the First Folio and preserve the words that shaped their lives. THE BOOK OF WILL finds an unforgettable true story of love, loss, and laughter, and sheds new light on a man you may think you know.

Turn back time to the Elizabethan era shortly after the death of Shakespeare. Rogue productions of Shakespeare's work were being perform all over.  Competing theatre companies would send children to the shows to transcribe what they heard to steal it for their own. The King's Company, Shakespeare's band of actors, are dying off.   Two remaining actors, disgusted by the mutilation and theft of Shakespeare's words, are determined to publish Shakespeare' Complete Works.  The trouble is, Shakespeare never wrote his full scripts down in one manuscript.  Instead he handed out just the parts each actor needed to perform.  To complete the job, these two actors need to track down all of Shakespeare’s written works against all odds. (Based on a True Story)