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Volunteer Driven - Donor Supported

Theatres do not survive on ticket sales alone. It takes a tremendous amount of resources to keep our doors open, our lights on, and our prices low to allow accessibility. It's thanks to the 40 year history of generous donors that understood the value of theatre arts, that we are able to continue forward. Please consider joining those donors and supporting OTA so that we may continue enriching our community for another 40 years to come. 

The success of a community theatre can be measured by the quantity of donors. While single large sum donors are appreciated and do make huge impacts, it's when the whole community supports the efforts of the theatre that you know it's something worth supporting.  That's why Olympic Theatre Arts is proud to say that we have a large donor base from our community contributing to make OTA what it is today.  Many of these donors can only afford to give a few dollars, but those dollars make a difference.  They show that OTA is a valued part of their community.  And to all those donors, we say THANK YOU!

OTA would also like to thank the following organizations for supporting OTA through grant funding. 

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Benjamin N. Phillips Memorial Fund

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Please consider any number of options to further our mission:


Financial Donations - Every dollar counts whether it's $10 or $1,000. Our Heart For The Arts campaign offers a monthly financial pledge option.

Qualified Charitable Distributions (QCD's) - Many retirement accounts require yearly distributions. QCD allows these distributions to be tax-free.

Legacy Donations - Consider making OTA a beneficiary as a lasting gift for future generations.

Material Donation - Theaters are in need of costumes, props, sets, building materials, landscaping, etc.


So many other ways to give are also available

Please call the Theatre Business Office at 360.683.7326 or click HERE to donate online!

Olympic Theatre Arts (OTA) has been working for over 2 years to upgrade the technical theatre operations of its Main and Gathering Hall Stages.  Our goal has been to set up the creative makers of the next 30 years with tools and resources that are current, translate to the professional market, and can free forms of expression with minimal effort so that the artists can focus on creating great work.  


An overwhelming number of individuals from our community have stepped forward to contribute to make this happen.   Thanks to their efforts we have been able to install a new sound system in the Elaine and Robert Caldwell Main Stage Theatre which includes new speakers, monitors, microphones, mixer, and an assisted hearing system.  Both the Main Stage and the Gathering Hall Stage have been outfitted with new lighting grids using color changing LED lighting instruments.  A new, state of the art, lighting board with touch screen monitors has been installed to run both stages. 

The next phase of our upgrade is where magic happens. While the current upgrades are the foundation of the system and account for the majority of the lighting and sound needed for productions, the next phase brings out the "oohs and ahhs."  Special effects lighting and tools are needed to create the moods that make theatre powerful.  Side lights that introduce powerful figures, fog that sets a mysterious street, and dramatic point source angle lights to mimic on coming cars, trains, search lights, and more make scenes more believable and impactful.  Having an arsenal of tools for designers to uses is crucial to elevating theatrical experiences to the next level. 


Please consider being a part of this movement towards improving the theatre, securing its future, and contributing to our community.  

Technical Theatre Campaign Progress
Setting up the next generation for success

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