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Volunteer Driven - Donor Supported

Theatres do not survive on ticket sales alone. It takes a tremendous amount of resources to keep our doors open, our lights on, and our prices low to allow accessibility. It's thanks to the 40 year history of generous donors that understood the value of theatre arts, that we are able to continue forward. Please consider joining those donors and supporting OTA so that we may continue enriching our community for another 40 years to come. 

The success of a community theatre can be measured by the quantity of donors. While single large sum donors are appreciated and do make huge impacts, it's when the whole community supports the efforts of the theatre that you know it's something worth supporting.  That's why Olympic Theatre Arts is proud to say that we have a large donor base from our community contributing to make OTA what it is today.  Many of these donors can only afford to give a few dollars, but those dollars make a difference.  They show that OTA is a valued part of their community.  And to all those donors, we say THANK YOU!

OTA would also like to thank the following organizations for supporting OTA through grant funding. 

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Benjamin N. Phillips Memorial Fund

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Please consider any number of options to further our mission:


Financial Donations - Every dollar counts whether it's $10 or $1,000. Our Heart For The Arts campaign offers a monthly financial pledge option.

Qualified Charitable Distributions (QCD's) - Many retirement accounts require yearly distributions. QCD allows these distributions to be tax-free.

Legacy Donations - Consider making OTA a beneficiary as a lasting gift for future generations.

Material Donation - Theaters are in need of costumes, props, sets, building materials, landscaping, etc.


So many other ways to give are also available

Please call the Theatre Business Office at 360.683.7326 or click HERE to donate online!

Olympic Theatre Arts (OTA) has been working for 2 years to raise the funds to accomplish a much needed facility upgrade. To date we have raised $86,087.06 (80%) of the total $107,887 needed to upgrade the stage lights in the Main Stage Theatre, the auditorium, and the Gathering Hall stage. Only $21,799 is left to raise. Help us get to that final goal. 


Why upgrade to LED?

Fiscal responsibility, conservation, inclusivity, and protecting the future of community theatre in our community are a few of the crucial reasons to upgrade. OTA currently uses 40+ year old instruments that require 500-1500watt halogen bulbs. Not only do these bulbs use a lot of expensive energy, but they are being discontinued by the Department of Energy. If OTA does not upgrade to LED stage lights, then soon there will be no way to light the productions. LED lights save on utility costs which lowers operating costs. And as LED lights are color-changing (the older lights require the use of gels that must be installed manually on a high ladder), they are safer to operate and mobility impaired volunteers can be included in their design and operation for shows.

Why now?

With the theatre running non-stop, show after show, there is limited time to do the installation work for these new lights. We have reserved January as a time we can remove the old lighting grid and install the new gear. Delivery of the lights takes 4-6 weeks. Lights would need to be ordered and paid for now to meet that installation window.


What about doing it in phases?

Originally, we were considering doing our lighting in phases. The first phase being around $40,000 in lights. However, we have recently received a large donation that has brought our overall goal within reach. Also, buy purchasing all the lights in one package, the retailer is able to pass onto us a significant savings. And, with the window of opportunity being January of each year, if we did go back to doing the upgrade in phases, we would have to wait another year to perform the second phase which delays the utility cost savings and other benefits.


OTA's current strategic plan is to update and repair the aging theatre so the next thirty years worth of work can be spent on producing quality engaging art and building a foundation for the theatre to become fiscally self-sustaining. This LED light upgrade is a large portion of that plan. Please consider being a part of this movement towards improving the theatre, securing its future, and contributing to our community. 

Technical Theatre Campaign Progress
Setting up the next generation for success

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