Classes and Workshops

It's never too early to start in the arts.  OTA welcomes everyone who wants to be a part of the theatre. Our instructors will help you learn theatrical crafts used in all our productions.


Beginning Sewing and Costuming
(Ages 12+)

July 5-8, 1pm-4pm

Learn basic sewing skills and explore costume design while being a part of the team that creates costume pieces for THE HOBBIT! Participants will learn basic hand sewing skills (buttons, straight stitch, basting, gathering) as well as beginner machine skills (straight stitch, hidden seams, threading). They will alter, create and decorate costumes for THE HOBBIT and take home a small sewing project. All materials and tools are provided.

Prosthetics (2).jpg

Introduction to Wigs and Stage Prosthetics
(Ages 12+)

June 20-24, 1pm-4pm

Learn the basics of stage makeup hygiene, application and design. Learn about working with and creating prosthetics and wigs for costuming while being a part of the team that creates prosthetics, wigs and headpieces for THE HOBBIT! All materials and tools are provided.


Puppetry Class II
(Ages 8+)

June 27-July 1, 3pm-7pm

Be a part of the team that creates the GIANT puppets to be used in THE HOBBIT in August. Learn Puppet skills and operation as well as technical design and construction techniques for trolls, spiders, and other creatures. (Participants can choose to be part of the production of the HOBBIT as puppeteers or just participate in the build.) All materials and tools are provided.


Acting and Auditioning Intensive
(Ages 12-18)

August 22-26, 1pm-4pm

Students will explore physical and vocal characterization through the preparation and performance of duet scenes and monologues. Warmups, script analysis, breathing, voice, body, and imagination work will culminate in a showcase of scenes and monologues on Saturday, August 27 at 2pm. Participants are encouraged to bring material they would like to perform in addition to that provided by the instructors.