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New Works Showcase

This season we celebrate the talented writers in our community with a New Works Showcase. Creating new works stimulates community creativity and provides essential avenues for community engagement. This Showcase will be an opportunity, not only for entertainment, but for community inspiration and education as well. Each selected writer will have the chance to immerse themselves in the theatrical process, while bringing along networks of people that support them.


Goal: highlight local writing talent and encourage the creation of new works. 


Who: Any and all local writers are invited to submit their work!


What: 4-5 short plays will be selected and produced by a group of actors, directors and stagehands (acting as a Showcase Company). Minimal production elements will be provided and required. 

When: November 15-24, 2024

Where: Olympic Theatre Arts


Why: Highlighting local writing talent and encouraging the creation of new works directly supports OTA’s mission to entertain, educate and inspire community involvement. 



Works must be submitted by: May 31st, 2023


1. Writers may submit up to 2 original works.
2. Works cannot have been produced prior to submission.
3. Works should fall in the range of 8-10 minutes in length (roughly 8-10 pgs.)
4. Each work must include no less than 2, and no more than 5 actors.
5. Set and other production elements will be minimal, please plan accordingly.
6. Script must be formatted as demonstrated by the SCRIPT TEMPLATE for the sake of consistency and clarity. The Template is available on OTA's website under "New Works".

7. Authors must sign the New Works Application and submit it with their script.


Scripts may be mailed to:

Olympic Theatre Arts

414 N. Sequim Ave.

Sequim, WA 98382

or emailed to:



Final Works will be selected by: OTA's New Works Selection Committee.

New Works Selection Committee will be looking for the following qualities: 

1. Fits within the range of 8-10minutes in length
2. Story exhibits some kind of arc (beginning, middle, end)
3. Characters experience development (arc/growth) from beginning to end of play 

Rehearsals/Production will take place from: TBD

1. Selected works will be matched with a director and set of actors (playwrights will not choose director or actors)
2. Playwrights may (if desired) attend up to 3 rehearsals, at the discretion of the director.
3. Directors may solicit script edits, but only with the full permission of the playwright. 

Performances will take place November 15-24.

1. Plays will be performed in three evenings. The evening’s performances will be curated by OTA staff and the New Works committee.
2. Tickets to performances will cost: $20
3. There will be a special “Preview” night prior to opening weekend.

Let’s create some magic together!

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